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How do I schedule an appointment to pick up my personal property?

Appointments can be scheduled by the "Book Appointment" link that pops up upon arrival of our website.

How do I redeem my car once I have paid my financial institution the amount that is due?

Once the amount due is paid in full, your financial insitution will send us the required paperwork needed to release your vehicle to you.

Are there any fees to get my personal property back?

it depends, each lienholder has different policies regarding personal property. Because it does cost us to store and manage the personal property, there are fees. Dependent upon the lienholder, these fees are sometimes billed back to them or they are requested to be collected from the individual the personal property belongs to. If there are fees, you will be notified by text upon confirmation of your property redemption appointment.

Where is the vehicle taken after it is repossessed?

Once the vehicle is repossessed, it is taken to our secured storage facility and is held until we are notified by your lienholder. Please contact your financial instiution with questions pertaining to your vehicle.

What happens to my personal property after my vehicle is repossessed?

Your personal property is inventoried and stored within our secured personal property building. Personal belongings are held up to 60 days. Once this time frame has ended, personal belongings will be donated.

Does Vance Services Private Investigations accept checks or credit cards?

No, Vance Services Private Investigations only accepts cash.